Friday, March 6, 2009

Art Updates

Wow, two posts in one day! I gotta keep this up!

Here are the finished pieces for the Karaoke crew. I was working in Photoshop with these, but I had accidentally downsized and saved them, so I moved over to Illustrator. I love the finished product you get from Illustrator, but damn is it slow work.
In the end, really happy how this came out and I think my clients are too. Great success! Let's hope this leads to more work!

This is a sketch I did to hopefully land an illustration gig for some online site. Haven't heard anything yet, so we'll see.

So that's what's going on artwise in the Daniverse. Thanks for stoppin!


Jared said...

very nice work sir. Good to see you're still doing something... :p

Gulzar said...

some nice cute stuffs!